“Hirer”, “You”; the Bride and Groom.

“Venue”,” We”; Lettice Bell, Thirsk Hall, Thirsk, YO7 1PL.

“Venue Location”; the garden at Thirsk Hall, Thirsk, YO7 1PL

Deposit Requirements: A non-refundable deposit of 25% of the hire fee is required to secure your booking. The final amount is due one-month prior to the date of your wedding. In the event of cancellation, notification must be given in writing by the hirer and confirmed by the Venue. In the event of a late cancellation (during the period up to four weeks prior to the booking), the Venue reserves the right to recover 50% of the hire charge. We also ask for £300 refundable damages waiver, which will be returned promptly to you the week after your wedding reception if no damage has been caused.

Music and noise: We ask that all music and any amplified noise has stopped by midnight. We would also that the volume of the music played throughout the reception respects the neighbours surrounding the Venue Location.

Suppliers: We would recommend the use of Will’s Marquees (http://www.wills-marquees.co.uk/) with whom we have worked with before, however if you chose an alternative wedding marquee company we would like to meet with them before you book.

We would ask that any supplier you book for your reception understands that the Venue Location is in the grounds of a private house and this must be respected at all times. There may not be a representative from the Venue Location around on the day, or during set up, to help so they must ask all relevant questions ahead of the hire date.

Alcohol: We do not have a licence for alcohol to be sold within the Venue Location. We would also ask that any alcohol is served, rather than in a ‘help yourself’ manner, so that it is consumed sensibly and that it is not consumed by anyone under the age of 18 years old. If you would like help finding a suitable bar man, please enquire as early as possible. There will be a charge for this.

Security: As the Venue Location is a private house, we would ask that you respect this and ensure that the venue is kept secure at all times. We would ask that all gates and doors are kept closed and locked other than the ones being used throughout your reception (with prior arrangement which).

We will employ a security man to be on site throughout your reception at the cost of £150. This man will welcome your evening guests through an arranged entrance with the use of a list that you provide him with. This is to ensure that only your invited evening guests join the reception. The amount will be payable a month prior to your reception with your final hire fee.

Events outside of our control: The Venue shall not be liable or responsible for any failure to perform, or delay in performance of, any of our obligations under our contract with you that is caused by events outside our reasonable control (such as serious damage to the venue, serious adverse weather conditions, a pandemic or epidemic, or interruption or failure of utility services such as electric power or water).  In these unlikely circumstances, we shall use every effort to notify you as soon as is reasonably practical.  If, as a result of such events, we believe we have no alternative but to cancel your booking, we shall refund you any money you have paid towards your reception.

Hire Fee and Times: The cost to hire the Venue Location is £2,000. You are welcome to start setting up from 10am on the Wednesday prior to your reception. We would ask that the Venue Location is vacated each day by 6pm. You will have access to one cold water tap and one electrical socket. A generator will be required throughout your reception.

On the day of the reception you are welcome to enter the Venue Location from 8am and we ask that all guests have vacated the premises by 12.30am the following morning, in a respectful and quiet manner so not to upset our neighbours.

All suppliers must have cleared away by 6pm on the Monday following the reception.

Additional points:

·   Fireworks, sparklers and Chinese lanterns are not permitted at the Venue Location.

·   The Venue Location is not VAT registered.

·   The Venue is not responsible for any arrangement between the Hirer and any suppliers.

·   We regret that, other than guide dogs, hearing dogs and other assistance dogs, no pets or other animals are allowed in the Venue Location.

·   Valuable items such as cards and presents must be removed from the premises when it is unattended. We accept no responsibility for items that are lost, broken or stolen, this also includes cars and other vehicles within the premises at any time.

·   We insist that an announcement is made at the reception regarding health and safety of the ha-ha wall and the large urns that sit on the wall. The Venue will not take any responsibility for any injury caused within the Venue Location or the croft which the ha-ha leads on to.

·   Our beautiful garden is maintained for the enjoyment of guests and we ask that all guests respect this including parental responsibility regarding children playing in the garden.